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Border Collie / Heeler Mix
1 year old
41 pounds

Hi, I'm Ranger! I was found as a stray, but ever since coming to Project POOCH I have made SO MANY friends. The dogs here are very fun to play with, and I love my handler at Project POOCH so much.

I'm learning to become more confident around other people too. I really enjoy lying out in the sun with all of my cool new toys. It's really nice because I never really had toys in the past, and they are a lot of fun.

Even though I'm 41 pounds, I'm a lap dog, so I hope that you will cuddle with me.

Stop by and give me a wag! Please call the kennel at (503) 981-2570 to schedule a visit.


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Pit / Lab Mix
5 years old
66 pounds

Hey there, my name is King! I came up to Project POOCH on a rescue bus from California because my former shelter was too crowded. I was so brave on this long journey, and when I arrived at Project POOCH, I was happy and smiling!

The youth say that I'm shy at first, but then I can be pretty adventurous. I tried something called "agility" for the first time the other day, and I was nervous initially, but then it turned out to be pretty interesting!

I love to follow the youth around and go wherever they go. I am hoping to find a caring and affectionate family, and I will give them plenty of love in return.

If you'd like to visit me, I would really love that. Please call the kennel at (503) 981-2570 to schedule a visit.


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Staffordshire Terrier Mix
57 pounds
2 years old

Hi everyone, I'm Sasha, and I'm a very good girl! I love playing with ALL the dogs at Project POOCH; it's so great to make friends of all sizes and breeds.

I also really enjoy being around people, and I do well with kids! I'm a social butterfly, so crowds don't bother me either.

Even though I'm enjoying spending time with the youth and the dogs here, I would love to find a family of my own to be a part of. I'm learning my commands pretty quickly, so I think you will be very impressed with me when you visit.

Please come see me soon! Call the kennel at (503) 981-2570 to schedule a visit.



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BuckleyAKC Canine Good Citizens
Male Labrador Retriever
2 years old, 60 pounds

Woof woof, I'm Buckley! It's great to meet you. I've been at Project POOCH for some time now, and I get along very well with the youth and the other dogs here. They are so much fun to play with! I think I'm ready to go to my forever home though.

I was born with a condition called "mega esophagus", which made it hard for me to digest my food initially. Luckily, the vet did some sort of procedure which really helped me a lot, so now I can digest my food properly! For the best results, I need to eat several small meals throughout the day. I'm used to this, as the youth have trained me so well.

I'm hoping to go to a dog-savvy family who will love me and do all the normal doggie things with me - playing, walking, teaching me new tricks - but also give me a little extra attention around meal time. The youth say that I know all sorts of commands and tricks, so please come visit me and I will show you.

Ready to meet this handsome pup? Please call the kennel at (503) 981-2570 to schedule a visit.


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It's lovely to meet you; I am Leah, a sweet pointer mix! Everyone says I just have the biggest, sweetest smile.

I really enjoy running and playing - I'm full of energy and always ready to go. It would be wonderful to go to a family that will take me on walks and runs because I think that would be such a blast.

While I do tend to get overly excited around small kids, I would be great with older ones. I hope you'll come visit me soon!

Canine Good Citizen Female    
Pointer Mix
4-1/2 years old
55 pounds

This dog needs a home with no small children


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MyaAKC Canine Good Citizens    ADOPTED!
German Shepherd
68 pounds, 2 years old

I'm Mya! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Everyone here at Project POOCH says that I'm very sweet and loving – and SMART! See how wonderful I look in the cap I got when I passed my CGC test??

Although I can be shy at first, I quickly warm up to people. I do well with older kids and other dogs as long as I have had a proper introduction. The youth here are teaching me how to properly walk on a leash and they say that I'm very open to learning new things. They have also been spoiling me with toys and balls, but to be honest, I am not really sure what to do with these yet. I enjoy running around off-leash and playing. When I'm a good girl (very often) I will get a treat, and this is so exciting for me!

Please come visit me soon! Call the kennel at (503) 981-2570 to schedule a visit.

This dog needs a home with no small children


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Lilly    ADOPTED!
Mini-Dachshund Mix
4 years old, 15 pounds

Oh, hey… hey it's me Lilly! I am right down here! Thank goodness you saw me, most often I get forgotten about because of my petite size, or maybe it's because I am so calm and laid back.

Well, enough of that. As you might already know my name is Lilly. I am a 4 year old Miniature Dachshund mix, weighing 15 pounds soaking wet. I'm always super eager to meet new people and animals.

My favorite place to be is outside playing with my handler and other toys, but I am also content with lying in your lap with my ball during a long movie.

I would be a wonderful dog to go along with any family, so please don't be shy contact me here at Project POOCH!!

Want to come visit me and hang out? Please call the kennel at (503) 981-2570 to schedule a visit.


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