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Jack Russell / Toy
9 pounds, 8 months old

Oh, hi! Um, I’m Minnie. I’m a tiny, 8-month-old puppy, and as you can see, I’m pretty adorable.

Since I’m so young, I’m still learning to come out of my shell, and as I experience new things and socialize more, I’m sure I will. My handler is doing an amazing job building up my confidence, but I can still be pretty shy around people until I get to know them. Once I open up to them, I love cuddling and gently being petted.

I really love dogs, particularly ones that are my size. Since I’m still nervous around new people, it would be nice to find a furever family that will help me experience the world at my own pace and slowly introduce me to new things.

Call my friends at the kennel at (503) 981-2570 and tell them you want to meet me!

This dog needs a home without small children

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All-American Shelter Dog
48 pounds
9 years old

Pleasure to meet you - I'm Sheba, but my handler often calls me "good girl"!

I'm all All-American Shelter Dog who is 9 years young. I really enjoy playing catch, playing tug, and being petted, but I'm also happy to just relax and cuddle.

I'm very easy to get along with, and as long as I've had a proper introduction, I do well with everyone - dogs, cats, children, you name it! I hope you'll consider dropping by to meet me

Please call the kennel at (503) 981-2570 to schedule a visit.


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All-American Shelter Dog
30 pounds
1 year old

Hello, my name is Blanca, and I might be shy, but I am oh-so-sweet. It might take a little time for me to open up to you, but once I do, you will realize that I'm a wonderful dog with so much love to give.

I really enjoy spending time with my handler, and he taught me a fun game called "tug." It's so nice to play with him and to just be by his side.

I am hoping to find a forever home where I will be loved and cherished, so please don't hesitate to call the kennel and set up a visit!

Call my friends at the kennel at (503) 981-2570 and they can schedule a time for you to come visit me!

This dog needs to be an 'only' dog

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Sofia     ADOPTED!
American Pit-bull Terrier Mix
54.7 pounds
1 year old, 1 month

Hi, I'm Sofia! I'm a sweet, young Pit Bull mix! My handler notes that I am very loving and welcoming towards new people and have a great attitude.

I enjoy being active and playing outdoors, but after play time, I am usually content to just lay and cuddle with my handler. I really enjoy going on walks with the other dogs here at POOCH; I get along with all of them, and I don't mind cats either!

I just have so much love to give, so I hope to find a nice family that will love me in return.

Call my friends at the kennel at (503) 981-2570 and they can schedule a time for you to come visit me!


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